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Creating Green Buffers

A ground light surrounded by green and red ground-cover plants.

Creating Green Buffers In The Greenpoint Industrial Area

Creating Green Buffers Plan 

The final Creating Green Buffers Plan is now available for download.

If you would like a printed copy of the plan, please email

Community Driven Planning

This project is a community driven planning initiative that will result in a greening plan for the industrial area of Greenpoint. 

We will be holding workshops for residents, business owners, and property owners to collectively develop a plan that will reduce stormwater that pollutes Newtown Creek and create vegetated areas that will improve air quality and aesthetics for residents and workers alike.

The project is funded by the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund. 

Urban street view with vehicles, warehouses, and city skyline in the background.

Green Buffers Fact Sheets

Fact sheets on Green Infrastructure, Water Quality, Native Plants and Birds are now available for download. 

If you would like printed copies of these fact sheets, please email

A flyer for a Community Greening Workshop with date, time, location details, and images of greenery on buildings.
This image is a map showing city blocks, roads, and location labels like 'Windmill Studios NYC' and 'SMC Stone Importer Distribution'.

Project Area

Greenpoint Industrial Area

The area is bound by Norman and Nassau Avenues between Kingsland Avenue and Van Dam Streets.