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Industrial shoreline with debris, old pilings, buildings in background, and clear sky.
Red Hook shoreline. Photo by David Lutz

Green Infrastructure & Water Quality

The District believes stormwater (or rain water) is a resource, not a waste.  We promote practices, which infiltrates stormwater into the ground (restoring the natural hydrology of the watershed) or use it to irrigate vegetation.  These practices are called green infrastructure (GI).  To advance these ideas, we work with our partners - community based organizations, regional or national non-profits, institutions of higher education, and city, state and federal agencies - to inform and educate New Yorkers on why we need to manage stormwawter using green infrastructure and what they can do to reduce water pollution.  Together with our partners, we develop ideas for policies and incentives for private property owners to install green infrastrcuture. 

For questions regarding our water quality programs, please contact Shino at



A group of people in a meeting with laptops, papers, and disposable cups on a conference table.
Strategizing on how to promote green infrastructure as a water quality improvement program

Coalitions and Partnerships

Partnerships and coalitions are important part of our work.  Through collaboration, we have been able to accomplish a great deal with limited resources.

The District currently holds leadership positions in: 
Storm Water Infrastructure Matters (SWIM) Coalition, a grassroots coalition of organizations with a shared vision for sustainable stormwater management;

Lower Hudson Coalition of Conservation Districts, addressing water quality issues at the watershed scale;

NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program, one of 28 National Estuary Programs working to protect and improve the quality of our estuary for all its inhabitants.

Crowded outdoor area with people, truck, and greenery in sunlight.
GI Tour participants at an urban farm 

Professional Development

Because green infrastructure is a relatively new field in water resources management, sharing of ideas and projects is an important part of the work.

The District hosts bus tours of GI projects for professionals and students working in the GI field.  We have hosted tours in NYC as well as Philadelphia and Villanova, PA.

For future tours, check our "What's New" page.

The District also hosts DEC endorsed four-hour workshops on erosion and sediment control.  The workshop is a MS4 permit requirement. 

DEC Training Calendar